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What exactly is a Project Report?
A Project Report is compilation of information on the subject that provides you information for setting up of that unit with respect to investments involved, sources of procurement of machinery, raw materials, technical description (Product, its uses, manufacturing process), Market Scope etc.


Does the Project Report helps in setting of an industry only?
A Project Report not only helps you in setting up of the industry, it also helps you in completing formalities with the Industrial/Financial Institutions. Additionally, it works as a Data-base for procuring machinery, raw materials etc.

Q.3. How does a Project Report helps?
Project Report may assist you:
• to apply for getting a suitable Plot/Shed
• to apply for change of Project
• for registration of the Unit with Industrial Departments
• for applying requisite Power Load/Sanction.
• For submission to concerned Pollution Control Board
• for Getting Loan from Bank/Financial Institution
• for applying to avail various incentives/subsidies/grants/ relief & concessions; etc.
• to procure necessary Govt. permissions / Approvals / Licence / Quotas; etc.
• to fulfill other Govt. formalities
• to enter into technology tie-up and Collaboration Agreement.
• To finalize and execute Marketing Agreements.
• To seek Quotations/Catalogue/procurement of Machinery & Equipment and Raw Materials
• Identification of the Project
• Setting up of Plant
• Procurement of Machinery & Equipment
• Procurement of Raw Materials & Consumables
• Selection of the project
• To chalk-out plans for expansion/diversification.
• To work-out Exports-Potential
And finally, to use as Reference-Material.
Q.4. On what fields of engineering one can get a Project Report?
Project Report on all fields of Engineering viz.
• Agro-based
• Automobiles & Auto Ancillaries
• Chemicals
• Cosmetics & Toiletries
• Drugs & Pharmaceuticals
• Electrical
• Electronics & Computer-related
• Food Processing
• Glass, Ceramics & Mineral-based
• Leather
• Mechanical Engineering/Light Engineering
• Metallurgical Engineering
• Packaging Industry
• Paper & Paper-based
• Petroleum & Petro-chemicals
• Plastics
• Rubber
• Textile, Hosiery, Woolen, Jute
• Service Industry
• Timber Wood-based
• Misc.

Can one get a Project Report on manufacturing industry only
Project Report not only on Manufacturing Industries from all fields of Engineering, but, Project Report on Service Industry are also available. To view a list, Click Here.


What all are the project reports readily available?
Project Report on a large number of industries from all fields of Engineering, Export-oriented, Import-substitute, Polluting & Non-polluting industries, Manufacturing Industry/Service Industry are available. For a detailed view of list, Click Here.


Does only Tailor-made Project Reports or Project Report can be custom-made?
In addition to the Tailor-made Project Reports readily available, one can get a Custom-made Project Report on the project of choice. For the purpose, feed-back information is required.


Project Report on other than those available projects?
In addition to the Project Reports available on thousands on industries, one can get a Project Report on the project of choice.


What does a Project Report contain?
A project report provides you complete preliminary information on the project related to Technical Description, Economics of the Project and Addresses. For a detailed view of contents, Click Here.


Price and mode of payment for procuring a Project Report?
For complete details on Price & Mode of Payment, Click Here.


Approximately how many pages a Project Report contain?
Number of pages in a Project Report vary from project to project. However a Project Report carries a minimum of 30 pages.


What is the presentation of a Project Report?
Project Report is provided to you in an attractive spiral bound presentation having computer-printed on A-4 size plain papers.


Can a Soft copy of project Report be provided?
No soft copy in the shape of floppy, CD or through E-mail is provided, you may only a get a hard-copy.


Does a Project Report carries Company’s Name on front or elsewhere?
Print-out of the Project Report is on plain A-4 size sheets, no where in the Project Report, name of our company is mentioned except that on the cover page. And if desired that may also be replaced by name as desired by the client(s).

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